History of With Any Luck Music

'With Any Luck Music' began as an idea to keep copyrights completely whole. That meant the administration, and pitching had to be done in house as well as all of the other publishing activities. The idea was developed by Carol Sampietro and Randy Sharp, old friends from the same small town in the Central Valley of California, having long conversations about the fact that Randy was almost finished with his publishing deal with Warner Brother Music and wanted to start his own publishing company. Carol's idea was to do just that but to put a time limit on it with the idea of selling the catalog at the end of seven years..... . On the heels of the Randy penned #1 country song, "A Tender Lie" - with wonderful support from BMI and the sincere acceptance and help from the Nashville music community - 'With Any Luck Music' was born.

This was a new kind of company, with Randy owning 100% of his copyrights and staying fully independent. Another part of the plan (unique to 'With Any Luck'), had Carol revitalizing and pitching all of Randy Sharp's catalogs; 'Gee Sharp Music', 'Warner Brothers Music' and 'With Any Luck Music'. After a lot of hard work 'With Any Luck Music' went on to garner more than eighty- covers, more than twenty, top 20 covers and three number 1's.

After having worked as Southern Assistant Regional Director of the Songwriters Guild in Nashville for 5 years, Carol had learned a great deal about the realities of publishing, Randy, a prolific songwriter who had already had some #1s and Grammy mentions, provided the creative and Carol covered the business side. After adding Caroline Whidener in 1990 as in-house accountant, the 'With Any Luck Music' team was complete.

In 1995 the sale of With Any Luck Music to Windswept Pacific (later sold to EMI), was finalized. The sale included a four year co-publishing deal with Windswept/Patrick Joseph Music. After that, the 'With Any Luck Music' name reverted to Randy and all his works, to date, are listed under that banner.

In the 2000s, operations moved to California and were ably handled by long-time friend and accountant, Jeanne Renner. Eventually Bluewater Music in Nashville was brought in to take care of administration duties and they continue to handle those chores for 'With Any Luck Music'.

In the latest chapter of the history of 'With Any Luck Music', Carol Sampietro, now based in California, has returned and is back to pitching from all of Randy's catalogs. Randy continues to write prolifically, with covers in recent years by Art Garfunkel, Kenny Rogers, David Wilcox, Maia Sharp, and Emmylou Harris, to name a few.


Carol Sampietro,
Vice President and General Manager,
With Any Luck Music,
13659 Victory Blvd. Suite 659
Van Nuys, California, 91405