Dreams of the San Joaquin is a collection of songs that pay homage to various musical styles and tales from the Great Valley. The songs range from the dark musings of a solitary stranger…to the light, tight harmonies associated with the legendary Sons of the Pioneers (the group co-founded by Roy Rogers, who spent his early California days as a migrant worker in the San Joaquin). The creators of this collection are three members of a musical family plus a long-time friend and collaborator, all with deep roots in the San Joaquin: Randy Sharp. Maia Sharp, Sharon Bays, and Jack Wesley Routh.

The Connection" is a project that I've put off for years. Somewhere along the way my focus moved to the songwriter/producer aspect of what I do and the 'singer/songwriter performing his own songs in his own fashion' got elbowed to the back of the line. But all along, there was a group of friends, in and out of the music business, who continued to pester me to commit my versions of my songs to CD (actually when they first started, I think it was vinyl.) I thank them.